The British Invasion

The truth was that the English invasion was much more in character with the coming times than we thought. A lot of their material was taken from the blues, for example, and they had a healthy respect for American black music. They even helped bring it over into the commercial mainstream.
Peter, Paul and Mary and the Chad Mitchell Trio took their role in musical and political history much more seriously, but they had nothing like the permanent impact on American culture that the Beatles did. They were on and off the main stage quickly.
That first night at the Ampitheatre, the Beatles couldn’t get off the stage fast enough. It was a more decorous age, but that night those girls looked like they could tear a Beatle’s hair out in moments. Doris Fine, a friend who was helping me with ticket sales, had given her niece a pair of tickets for that night’s show at the Ampitheater. Later, Doris told me, she asked her niece, “WeIl, did you enjoy yourself?”
“Oh yes,” sighed the girl.
“Did you hear anything?” Doris asked.
“No, not a note,” her niece said. “But just being there was enough.”

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