At my age, you get invited to contribute obituaries more often than you used to. Here are a few that I’ve had occasion to write lately about people I’ve loved and admired.

Studs Terkel

When Against the Current asked me to write a piece on Studs Terkel, I wondered why me?  But after I pondered the idea, I thought, of course me.  And you.  All readers of his books, Against the Current and other magazines, large and small that serve as a mouthpiece for those with the desire for a better world and anger against the hypocrisy of our times.

Leon Despres

Iconic Chicago Alderman Leon Despres died at the age of 101 on May 6, 2009, in the city he lived and loved. A little frail in stature, Len’s broad intellect was fully intact to the very end.

Miriam Makeba

Journalists throughout the world have acknowledged her musical artistry and her political commitment to the struggle of her people. I and others can attest to her warm personal relations with her friends and family, including her daughter Bongi, who died in 1985.

Lester Rodney

I am writing this piece after reading the NY Times’ obituary of Lester Rodney where both the role of the Daily Worker and his role as its sports writer were given their due credit in the fight to integrate major league baseball.