Stories that feature ‘Freddie Rosen’


This story takes place in 1974. It was told on March 8th, 2011 by Frank.  1 Comment

I was sitting down for lunch with a guy I knew who worked in the Ticketmaster office. He said, “You know that guy Ticketmaster has who serves as a gorilla for them — Fred Rosen?” I knew him. The ultimate capitalist. Great for starting a business, although the Pritzkers later dumped it when they got scared of it.

“Well. Rosen intimidated and bribed a lot of people,” he said. “The Art Institute contract was between Ticketron and Ticketmaster, and the Institute decides to go with Ticketron. And Rosen calls the head of the Art Institute, some proper WASP, and says, ‘You fucking cocksucker, I’m going to bury you, I’m gonna break your ankles.”‘ I could picture it — Rosen talked like that.

“So the guy calls up his good friend Jay Pritzker at Ticketmaster, who likes to pretend he’s a Protestant. He says, ‘Jay, how could you have somebody like this? He said all these terrible things to me.’ And Jay says, ‘I know, it’s true, he’s a very rough guy, but he makes us a lot of money.’ So the guy says, ‘Oh, now I understand.”‘